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Making Ice Cream 101

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Making Ice Cream 101

There are three basic ways to make ice cream; by hand, Rock Salt and Roll, and finally by using an ice cream maker. All three are fun ways to make ice cream, you just need to decide how long you want to wait before you can eat it and how much time and energy do you want (or do you want your kids) to put into making this excellent summer treat?



This is how it all started and you will need a bowl (make sure it is a WIDE bowl, as you will be churning ice cream) and a freezer.

Start off by selecting your ice cream recipe (I will provide some for you to choose from) and gathering the ingredients.

  1. Take your ice cream mixture and carefully and slowly pour it into the bowl you have chosen. Now, chill this in the fridge for 2 hours (check on it after 1 hour). It may take longer than 1 hour if you have ingredients that were cooked added into the mixture.
  2. Now, take the bowl out of the fridge and pop it into the freezer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, check to see just how much of the mixture has frozen. It should have begun to freeze at the edges but not quite all the way to the center.
  3. Take the bowl out of the freezer and beat the mixture until it is creamy again; this will break up any ice crystals that have formed.
  4. Repeat step 3.
  5. Repeat step 3 (you should have done this a total of 3 times now).
  6. Put the mixture back in to the freezer a final time and leave it there until it is ready to eat. This could take up to another 30 minutes or more, depending on quantity and type of ice cream you are making and the consistency you desire (soft or hard).



This needs to be done outside, trust me! This one is great for the kids to do. Summer science! (Vanilla Ice Cream recipe included with ice cream recipes)

  1. Use 2 ziplock bags (one larger than the other).
  2. Make your ice cream mixture (recipes will be given to you) and pour it into the smallest bag. Zip and seal the back securely and insert this into the larger bag.
  3.  Add rock salt and ice into the larger bag and seal (you may want to use tape to make sure the larger bag is truly secure…duct tape is good). Roll the bags for about 20 minutes. You should see ice cream!



There are two types of ice cream makers; one that you plug in and one that goes into the freezer.



There are important ingredients to make that perfect ice cream; milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Other key ingredients are the flavors that you decide to use, such as; fruit or wine.

Getting that custard based or cream based ice cream involves using milk, cream, eggs and sugar. If you opt for a quicker recipe just omit the eggs and sugar.

There is also gelato (Italian ice creams) or sorbets (water ices) to choose from.



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