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Learning in the Kitchen

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Learning in the kitchen can be a fun and easy way for your child to learn colors, shapes, sizes, math, reading, and even science.

I was never good at fractions, but once I started cooking; look out! When I got stuck on a fraction problem at school, I would just envision myself cooking, using measuring spoons and measuring cups. When I could picture math problems that way; it began to get easier for me.

Getting our kids in the kitchen with us not only strengthens their learning but strengthens our bonds with them.  Cooking with my mom and my grandma are some of the most cherished memories I have of growing up. I passed that to my kids and now my grandson.

They learn healthy alternatives; learn adventurous ways to try new foods. Honestly, when a child can make their own creation in the kitchen, they are more likely to eat it. I have a neighbor who eats PB & J and Ranch dressing sandwiches (or she used to). I let her decide what she wanted for breakfast one morning and that is what she chose.

Don’t be afraid to take your kids to the market with you. Let them pick out produce for snacks and meals. Some markets will allow you to try out fruits and veggies before buying them, so being adventurous at the market with your children will help them to try new fruits and veggies.

Another thing to remember; our children rely on us for our opinions, for our guidance. When trying new items with your kids and you find you don’t like it, let your children tell you what they think of it first. And just because we don’t like green peppers, or brussel sprouts or Santa Claus melon; doesn’t mean that they will hate it to.  We have to let them make up their own minds, let them decide for themselves if they like something or not.

Spring and summer are coming and there will be so many new produce items to investigate. Make a morning or afternoon out of shopping for produce with your children and you will be surprised what you find.



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