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Juniper Berries 101

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Juniper Berries 101

The flowers of the juniper tree produce small fleshy berries that are green the first year, and then turn blue-black or violet during the second year. The berries have a resinous perfume, a sharp taste and slightly bitter flavor.



Choose whole berries (more flavor) that are almost black and with no mold. They can be slightly shriveled.

Avoid brown or greenish berries.



Juniper berries are used whole or cracked. They are popular in northern Europe.
They are used to flavor game, poultry, pork, rabbit, sauerkraut, pậtés , marinades, stuffing, charcuterie (sausages and deli meats), cabbage dishes, and stocks.

Juniper berries are used in the making of gin, certain beers, Scandinavian aquavits (strong Scandinavian liquor made from potatoes or grain, and certain German schnapps.


Did you know that the berries, bark and needlelike leaves of the juniper can be used as an infusion?


(This information was taken from a culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)



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