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Grapefruit 101

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Grapefruit 101

The yellow, pink or red pulp can be mild, sour, sweet, and perfumed (the yellow pulp less so than others).



Choose a grapefruit that is heavy for its size, relatively firm, with taut, shiny skin. Scars or hard patches on the skin do not affect the quality of the fruit.

Avoid a grapefruit that is too soft, with a dull rind.



At room temperature: 8-15 days

In the fridge: extended storage

In the freezer: the juice and the zest can be frozen, not the pulp.



*Grapefruit is cut in half and eaten with a spoon plain or sprinkled with sugar.

*Wash the fruit before cutting.  For ease of eating, separate the segments using a serrated knife with a   curved point or a serrated spoon.

*Broiled grapefruit can accompany duck, chicken, pork and shrimp.

*It is added to mixed salads.

*Grapefruit is used in cheesecakes, flans, fruit salads and sorbets.

*It can be used in place of orange or pineapple in many recipes.

*Grapefruit juice is refreshing.

*The peel can be candied.



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