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Garlic 101

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Garlic 101

Each head of garlic may contain 12-16 cloves. The most common variety of garlic is the white garlic or “softneck garlic”. There is also pink garlic and purple garlic, in which only the skin is colored and the rocambole (hardneck) garlic; which has a milder flavor.


Buying Garlic

Choose plump and firm heads of garlic with intact skin and no sprouts or spots.  Garlic is available in a variety of forms (flakes, powder, paste, etc.) but it is best to use fresh garlic for the most flavor.


Storing Garlic

At room temperature: 6 months, in a dry, well ventilated, cool or temperate place around 30˚ and humidity level no higher than 60%. Garlic stems can be braided and hung several months in an airy spot.

In the freezer: 2 months, as is, with its outer skin removed.


(Taken from the culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)







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