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Freezer/Slow Cooking 101

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Freezer/Slow Cooking 101


  1. Label all Freezer Bags with a permanent marker. Write the day you prepare, the meal name and the instructions needed for when you cook it (some meals will need added broth, water, sour cream, etc.).  Also noted on the bags if they are to be served over rice, noodles, etc.
  2. CHOPPING VEGETABLES! As you chop the veggies, place the correct amount in each bag. It makes it easier to chop all the onions, peppers, (do potatoes last so they don’t discolor), etc. rather than doing this by each recipe.
  3.  Line up freezer bags across the counter and add the correct amount of veggies for each recipe in the respective bags.
  4. After finishing with the veggies, chop and distribute the meat... for this round of freezer cooking you only need to cook the ground beef for the vegetable soup… the chicken & beef stew meat remain raw.
  5. For the ground beef; brown together: (1) chopped onion and (2) chopped garlic cloves and the ground beef.
  6. For the chicken; wash and trim chicken and leave (4) of the breasts whole (for the teriyaki chicken), the other (4) cut in half for use later (BBQ chicken perhaps).
  7. Trim the beef stew meat of any fat and also cut it down into smaller cubes.
  8. After placing the meat in the correct bags, add the spices and remaining ingredients.


Once all necessary ingredients are in freezer bags, remove the air from the bags and seal. Lay bags flat so they freeze flat. Stack the bags in freezer; once they are frozen you can re-arrange to best suit your freezer space. Take meal out of freezer and place in the fridge the night before you want to put it in slow cooker so it thaws a bit.


Be sure to make your grocery list! You may find that you have most ingredients at home already.



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