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Basil 101

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Basil 101

There are several varieties of basil, each with a different flavor from the other. The flavor of basil can be reminiscent of lemon, camphor, jasmine, clove, aniseed and thyme.

It is said that basil helps to treat migraines and insomnia.


Storing For Basil

At Room Temperature: Keep dried basil in an airtight container, in a dry place away from light and heat. Fresh leaves can be kept in olive oil or mixed with oil to form a smooth paste.

In the Fridge: Wrapped in slightly damp paper towel. Only wash when ready to use.

In the Freezer: Whole or chopped. It can also be put in ice cube trays and covered with water or stock; these cubes are then added to liquid dishes. For more flavor, don’t defrost before using.


Serving Ideas for Basil

Basil works well with tomato, pasta dishes, garlic, onion and olive. It also flavors salads, eggs, cheese, veggies, fish, seafood, poultry, and pork.

Some varieties perfume desserts and drinks. Basil is made into pesto sauce, which is used in pasta and soups.

Basil leaves and stems give a delicate flavor to oil. Basil combines well with olive oil and lemon.

Basil must never be simmered, and should only be added at the end of cooking time.

It can also be made into herbal tea.

(This information was taken from the culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)


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