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Adding X-tra’s

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Add “X-tra” cheese for more gooeyness, add “X-tra” basil for more flavor, add “X-tra” lime juice for more tartness….I love it when a recipe tells me to do this!

Today is all about “extras”! Who doesn’t like that extra sprinkle of cheese, that extra slice of bacon, that extra helping of chocolate… well; today I would love to show you recipes that have double the deliciousness, double the flavor, double the layers, double the toppings, double the servings!

The only 101 information I have for you is this:

1.  Remember that while putting that “X-tra” something in your recipe may sound good, be careful! Some herbs, spices, liquids may do more harm than good to some recipes.

2.  Always start with what the recipe calls for and add that “X-tra” just a little at a time. You can always add more, but you can never take it away.




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