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Fennel 101

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Fennel 101

Fennel has a mild and slightly sweet flavor similar to aniseed or licorice. You can purchase fennel seeds or purchase the fennel plant.



Choose a firm, round, perfumed fennel that is white with no marks and with good stalks. The stalks and leaves, sometimes sold by themselves; should be fresh and green.



In The Fridge: about 1 week

In The Freezer: blanch before freezing (flavor will be reduced). The leaves can be dried in a microwave oven (30 seconds to 2 minutes).



Remove any hard fennel leaves before using.

Fennel is delicious with cream or yogurt.

Raw fennel is cut into slices, think slivers, or sticks and used in salads.

Blanched fennel can be braised or sautéed with other vegetables or by itself.

Fennel can be prepared with cream, as a gratin, or broiled and served with lemon.

It accompanies other veggies, legumes, rabbit, pork, lamb, beef, seafood and fish.

Fennel seeds flavor cheese, bread, soups, sauces, pastries and wine.

The leaves are traditionally associated with fish but they can be used as an herb in several dishes.


Did you know that fennel, when eaten raw is an excellent source of Potassium?

Fennel is also said to relieve gastric pain.


(This information was taken from a culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)




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