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Colorado 101

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Colorado 101


Did you know that Colorado means “Colored Red” and that Colorado is the healthiest state in the U.S.? Some believe it is because of the beautiful mountains and hills to climb, mountains to ski and bikes to ride (for work and leisure).

Did you know shredded wheat was invented in Colorado? Henry Perky invented a machine to produce America’s first shredded wheat in his downtown Denver factory.

While Colorado does not have an “official state food”; they do have an edible state symbol; the trout. Residents of Colorado are not giving up on getting their official state food using ingredients grown in their state.

Colorado’s climate offers a great environment for growing world-class vegetables and their fruit is second to none. Colorado’s climate allows planting from April through May. Harvest begins in May and continues through October with a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Colorado’s dry climate helps onions and potatoes cure in the field and makes their storage crops ideal for storage and shipment through most of the year.

Colorado’s largest vegetable crop is potatoes, grown in both the San Luis Valley and northeastern plains. Onions are the state’s second largest crop and Colorado is known for storage onions. Apples are Colorado’s largest fruit crop. Colorado’s high-quality apple production is centered on the state’s Western Slope. Major varieties include Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Gala, Fuji

and Rome. Colorado Goldens were the first of their kind with a prominent red blush.

Out on the Western Slope, Colorado happens to grow some top-notch fruit, including Palisade peaches, Rocky Ford cantaloupe; which are sweet enough in-season to replace just about any pastry on the planet as an end-of-dinner treat.

Every year Snowmass, Colorado hosts a Culinary and Arts Festival (this year on July 19-21).  This is something to catch if you have the time and the money. World renowned chefs will be preparing foods that will be sure to make you wake up that inner foodie. Richard Sandoval is one of those chefs. “Chef Sandoval was named Restaurateur of the Year by Bon Appétit in 2006, one of the Best Chefs of 2003 by New York magazine, and Mexican Chef of the Year by the National Toque d’Oro in 1992.

In 2003, Chef Sandoval and opera star Placido Domingo partnered at Pampano, which would become their first of many restaurants together. Located in midtown Manhattan, Pampano serves coastal Mexican cuisine. 2004 took Chef Sandoval back to Denver where he opened Zengo, his first Latin-Asian restaurant.

Over the years, Chef Sandoval has received numerous awards. He was a semi-finalist for the prestigious James Beard “Outstanding Restaurateur” award, as well as the Cordon d’Or “Restaurateur of the Year” in 2011. In the same year, Raya was recognized as “Restaurant of the Year” by Riviera Orange County, while Pampano was voted “Best Seafood” by Time Out, Doha. Chef Sandoval was Bon Appetit’s prestigious Restaurateur of the Year in 2006, and he was named one of the “Best Chefs of 2003” by New York Magazine. Maya and Pampano are among the very few Mexican restaurants to have been awarded two stars by The New York Times. International accolades include the National Toque d’Oro, Mexican Chef of the Year, and the MENA’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant award for the experience at Maya, Dubai.”

-Snowmass Culinary and Arts 2012


The Denver Omelet (also known as the Western Omelet)

This subject is as sketchy as Sasquatch’s photos.  There is no real evidence to support that this delectable egg wonder was named after the city in Colorado, or that it was even invented there. Some say that it was invented by the Chinese cooks that went with the trail riders of an early era; slapping together remnants of last night’s dinner. Some say it was the riders themselves who concocted it. Either way (or no way), no one can deny that this was a great invention.





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