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Carob 101

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Carob 101

(The food industry uses carob a great deal as a substitute for cocoa, for it stabilizing, binding, and gelling properties. Carob is used as a coffee substitute in recipes also. Carob is produced in two ways; as a powder (from the pods) and as a gum (from the bean in the pod).

Carob does not contain theobromine, the stimulant found in caffeine. It is very sweet so it is not necessary to add sugar when using it in place of cocoa. The flavor of carob can be enhanced by adding cinnamon or mint.)



Carob is generally found and purchased in health food or natural food stores. It is sold in solid (powder, chips) or liquid (syrup) form.



At Room Temperature: keep carob in an airtight container away from moisture.



Carob is used in the same way as cocoa and chocolate and is used especially in cakes, cookies, drinks and sweets. It is used as cocoa or chocolate, or combined with cocoa or chocolate in recipes.

For each part cocoa, one can substitute 1 ½ -2 parts carob by weight (pounds, dry oz.)in most recipes. It is best to add strong-tasting ingredients to enhance its flavor.

When carob powder is used in place of cocoa, reduce the quantity of sugar in the recipe by about ¼.

Carob is less soluble than cocoa, meaning that it is more difficult to dissolve than cocoa. Blending carob with hot water first allows it to dissolve better.

Carob melts as at a lower temperature than chocolate and becomes liquid more quickly, which can cause a problem when using it to make mousses, for example.

Did you know that carob is not allergenic and is easily digested, is twice as high in calcium that cocoa, and carob powder is a good source of fiber?



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