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Apricots 101

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Apricot 101

Apricots have a velvety and smooth skin when they have matured. It’s flesh is orange in color, tender, sweet and very aromatic.


Buying Apricots

Choose apricots that are neither too firm nor too soft and are without white spots, cracks or bruises.

Storing Apricots

Apricots deteriorate very quickly so they must be handled with care. Always wash before using.

At Room Temperature:  Store for ripening.

In The Fridge: If ripe, they are good for 1 week.

In The Freezer: First blanch apricots for 30 seconds, peel and pit. If they are very ripe, freeze them as compote or purée.

Preparing Apricots

To prevent their flesh from oxidizing, eat or cook immediately or you may sprinkle them with citrus juice or alcohol.

Did you know that fresh apricots are an excellent source of Vitamin A, while dried apricots are an excellent source of not only Vitamin A, but potassium, iron and riboflavin as well?



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